Robots are becoming more and more performant everyday. Maybe you love them and think they are really useful to help/replace us for some tasks. But maybe you think they are dangerous and you are scared of them. Anyways, the scenes we see in the movie Big Hero 6 do exist in real life.

The competition is called Battlebots and is a tournament where robots are fighting against each other. To win, you must either destroy the enemy robots or turn it around so that it cannot be used anymore. You can also win by judges decision if time is up, but that rarely happens because you can also push the enemy robot into one of the traps that are built on the ring.

Battlebots 2

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If you want to check out some of the amazing fights from the Battlebots I invite you to click here . 

And if you want to check out their website, here is the link. You can subscribe or get more info about the competition on the website.

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