How to get into top ranking on Google? Part #1

This is basically THE question everyone asks! Everyone wants to know how to get his/her website on top of Google’s searches.

Firstly, I’d like to abolish all the rumors on the internet. Keywords are no longer being used by Google to create the ranking! They announced it, it’s official. Keywords are certainly used to attract visitors to your website but not to get top ranked.

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There are a few things you need to take into consideration when building your website:

  1. Social Media
  2. Meta tags
  3. Backlinks
  4. Content
  5. Online advertising
  6. SEO optimization

There are more things but these are the main ones. Therese is an awful lot to say about these 6 points so I won’t get into details for each one in this blog post. I will create different posts for each point in the future.

What you also need to know is that all search engines do not work and rank the same way. They have a lot in common but there are a few differences. I will also talk more deeply about that in the future.

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What does CSS stand for? What is it?

You might be wondering why you’ve heard these three letters a lot of times already without even knowing what it means? Well, from now on, you will know everything you need to know on it.

Css is the Cascading Style Sheets language. It is used to style webpages. If you want your website to look professional, you will NEED to use CSS. You will need it to style images with shadows, texts with font-styles and font-colors,  small animations….

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CSS needs to be used together with Html. You need to link your Html page to a CSS page so that your CSS code can be understood by the computer.

This language is extremely powerful and is, in my opinion, the easiest coding language out there.

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What is Html? What do we use it for?

Have you ever wondered what Html actually is? You might have already come across this word hundreds of times on the internet without even knowing what it is!

Come on, read this post and you’ll feel a lot more clever!

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Html is the Hypertext Markup Language. Now, you might be thinking what you’re reading  is not for you because of that strange name but actually, this language is ONE OF THE simplest coding languages you will ever find!

And guess what? It is super powerful! It’s easy to learn, intuitive and powerful. Html is the base of a website. You need it if you want to write text, display images, videos, sounds, colors…Together with CSS(mettre css en lien avec le post css dans brouillons), they are the basis of websites and web applications.

If you want to learn coding, you NEED to start with Html. There is no choice. Without it, you’re lost. There are many free tutorials to learn this language on the internet and I will start posting tutorials too! So, follow the blog and wait for new tutorials on it!

For more infos on Html , you can visit their official website.

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How to set up a perfect coding environment?

You might be asking yourself this question! That’s great because in this post, I will give you all the tips needed and useful softwares to start coding and developing!

Firstly, you will need a code editor. This is a page (just like a Microsoft Word document) on which you will write your code. You can not write your code anywhere, otherwise your computer can not understand that what you have written is a piece of code and so, can not transform it into beautiful webpages or games.

There are hundreds of coding editors on the internet. Every developer has its own favorite. Of course, you can start on one and use another one whenever you want!

I personally recommend This is my favorite. It is very powerful and accepts almost every coding language. However, some developers prefer platforms like Notepad++ or even Sublime Text. All these platforms are entirely free to download.

But I recommend you start with as it is very intuitive and easy to use. It is available onMac and Windows.

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Now that you have a text editor, you can start coding! Never forget that you can use any text editor but you always have to precise the particle “.the coding language you used”at the end of the name you gave to your document.

Example: MyWebPage.html

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What’s coding all about?

Discover what coding is all about.

First thing first! Coding is everywhere around you when surfing on the web. Every single letter and image you see on google is a piece of code. There are many programming languages like Html, CSS, Python, Javascript, PHP… All these languages are used by developers to create webpages, video games…

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A line of code is basically an order given to the computer. The coding vocabulary is specific as the computer can only interpret certain things.

Your computer’s job is to transform your code or the code written by developers into understandable and beautiful things.

There are two types of code:

– Front-End code

– Back-End code

The Front-End code is all you see. It can be text, hyperlinks, images, videos, buttons, colors….The most popular languages for Front-End coding are Html and CSS.

In contrary, the Back-End code is all you don’t see. This is all the stuff that has to do with keeping and using data, asking something to the user… For example, the fact of sending data using a form in Back-End coding. Examples of languages used for Back-End coding are PHP and Javascript.