Boston Dynamics #1: Bigdog

If you like robots and or even if you read the news almost everyday, you have probably heard of Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company. It is located in Waltham, in the Massachusetts in the USA. They are most famous for the making of Bigdog, a quadruped robot designed for the U.S. military. Bigdog is a robot that looks like a dog. It was supposed to serve as a robotic pack mule to accompany soldiers in terrains where vehicles could not go, but he was not able to serve for these purposes as he was judged too loud and the project was shelved. It was designed to carry 150 kg (340 pounds) alongside a soldier at a speed of 6.4 km/h (4 mp/h) on terrains at inclines up to 35 degrees. BigdogThis is a picture of Bigdog walking in the snow. Source:

Bigdog is even more incredible as it does not fall even if you kick him with your feet or if he glides on ice. Here is the proof with a link to the video. The moment at which someone kicks the robot is around 30 seconds and the moment where he slips is  around 1m20s.

In the video you can also see Bigdog jumping over an obstacle (around 3 min) so that means he can also jump over a hole or another obstacle if needed but for that he needs to be running and he makes even more noise.

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