What’s coding all about?

Discover what coding is all about.


First thing first! Coding is everywhere around you when surfing on the web. Every single letter and image you see on google is a piece of code. There are many programming languages like Html, CSS, Python, Javascript, PHP… All these languages are used by developers to create webpages, video games…

Capture d_écran 2017-03-12 à 19.00.06

A line of code is basically an order given to the computer. The coding vocabulary is specific as the computer can only interpret certain things.

Your computer’s job is to transform your code or the code written by developers into understandable and beautiful things.

There are two types of code:

– Front-End code

– Back-End code

The Front-End code is all you see. It can be text, hyperlinks, images, videos, buttons, colors….The most popular languages for Front-End coding are Html and CSS.

In contrary, the Back-End code is all you don’t see. This is all the stuff that has to do with keeping and using data, asking something to the user… For example, the fact of sending data using a form in Back-End coding. Examples of languages used for Back-End coding are PHP and Javascript.

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